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Trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Marr with 10 randomly generated trivia questions.

1. Which of Johnny's Smiths instrumentals later become Bryan Ferry's 'The right stuff'?

'Oscillate Wildly'
'The Draize Train'
'Money Changes Everything'
Trick question; none of the above

2. Which track from 'Boomslang' was released as a single in 2001, nearly a year and a half before the album's release?

'The last ride'
'Bangin' on'
'Down on the corner'
'Something to shout about'

3. Which of the following was NOT one of the songs Johnny wrote with Morrissey during their first songwriting session in 1982?

'Suffer little children'
'The hand that rocks the cradle'
'Don't blow your own horn'
'Hand in glove'

4. The video for 'New Town Velocity' was inspired by which social philosophy?

Musical historicism

5. How many songs did Johnny play guitar on for the Talking Heads album 'Naked'?


6. What was the name of Johnny's first band, which he formed at the age of 13?

White Dice
The Freak Party
The Paris Valentinos
Johnny Maher and The Heartbreakers

7. What is Johnny's favourite Velvet Underground album?

'The Velvet Underground & Nico'
'White Light/White Heat'

8. What song did Johnny play with Simple Minds for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday tribute concert in 1988?

'Mandela Day'
'Alive and kicking'
'Summertime blues'
'Talking 'bout a revolution'

9. On Canadian pressings, Johnny was credited under his pseudonym Duane Tremelo for guitar work on which Billy Bragg single?

'Greetings to the new brunette'
'Levi Stubbs' tears'
'The boy done good'

10. As of December 2013, how many unique responses to the question 'Will The Smiths ever reform?' has Johnny crafted?

Just one - "No"