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Trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Marr with 10 randomly generated trivia questions.

1. The original studio version of 'Please please please let me get what I want' features Johnny playing which other instrument besides the guitar?


2. Who did Johnny recruit as drummer for The Healers in their original line-up?

Zak Starkey
Alonza Bevan
Adam Grey
Liz Bonney

3. What is the name of Johnny's dog?

Les Paul

4. In 'Generate! Generate!', the line "cogito ergo dumb" is a pun on a quotation by which philosopher?

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich von Schiller
Immanuel Kant
René Descartes

5. In 1992 Johnny recorded for an NME compilation, a cover version of the main theme from which Spaghetti Western film?

'A fistful of dollars'
'The good, the bad and the ugly'
'The great silence'

6. What was the name of the Stex single that Johnny played guitar on in 1990?

'Still feel the rain'
'Spiritual dance'
'Moment in time'

7. What was the first 7" single Johnny bought as a youngster?

T.Rex - 'Jeepster'
Mott the Hoople - 'All the young dudes'
Bob & Marcia Young - 'Young, gifted and black'
The Marvelettes - 'You're the one'

8. Who of the following was not a member of The The alongside Johnny and Matt Johnson for the 'The The Versus the World' tour in 1989-90?

James Eller
David Palmer
Dave Collard
Steve Hogarth

9. Besides guitar, which other two instruments did Johnny play on 'Raise the pressure'?

Keyboards and synthesiser
Keyboards and bass guitar
Keyboards and harmonica
Synthesiser and drums

10. What vegetable does Johnny claim is "literally the black hole of foodstuffs"?