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Trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Marr with 10 randomly generated trivia questions.

1. Of the following, which band has Johnny NOT collaborated with before?

'The Libertines'
'Pearl Jam'
'Arctic Monkeys'

2. From which university did Johnny receive an honorary doctorate in 2012?

University of Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Salford
The Royal Northern College of Music

3. Which Modest Mouse single was written the very first day Johnny began working with Isaac Brock?

'Fire it up'
'Missed the boat'
'King rat'

4. The video for 'New Town Velocity' was inspired by which social philosophy?

Musical historicism

5. Of which Hindu deity does Johnny have a tattoo on his left arm?


6. What is the only song that Johnny has ever produced a remix of?

Electronic - 'Feel every beat'
Billy Bragg - 'Sugardubby'
Pet Shop Boys - 'I want to wake up'
Haven - 'Say something'

7. What was the first 7" single Johnny bought as a youngster?

T.Rex - 'Jeepster'
Mott the Hoople - 'All the young dudes'
Bob & Marcia Young - 'Young, gifted and black'
The Marvelettes - 'You're the one'

8. Which album did Johnny contribute an essay on for the book '101 essential rock records'?

Iggy and The Stooges - 'Raw Power'
T.Rex - 'The Slider'
Roxy Music - 'Country life'
The Beatles - 'The White Album'

9. Along with 'Even a child', which also featured backing vocals from Sonny Marr, which other track from Crowded House's 'Time on earth' album did Johnny play guitar on?

'Don't stop now'
'She called up'
'Pour le monde'
'Silent house'

10. What was the first commercially released single to credit Johnny as a backing vocalist?

The Smiths' - 'Bigmouth strikes again'
The The's 'The beat(en) generation'
Billy Bragg's 'Sexuality'
Electronic's 'Feel every beat'