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Trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Marr with 10 randomly generated trivia questions.

1. Of the following, which band has Johnny NOT collaborated with before?

'The Libertines'
'Pearl Jam'
'Arctic Monkeys'

2. From which university did Johnny receive an honorary doctorate in 2012?

University of Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Salford
The Royal Northern College of Music

3. Which was the only track from 'The Messenger' not to be played on the first UK and US legs of Johnny's 2013 tour?

'New Town Velocity'
'Sun and Moon'
'The Crack-up'
'The It Switch'

4. Which member of Johnny's current band was never a member of The Healers?

Jack Mitchell
Iwan Gronow
James Doviak
Trick question; they all were

5. How many songs did Johnny play guitar on for the Talking Heads album 'Naked'?


6. What was the name of the Stex single that Johnny played guitar on in 1990?

'Still feel the rain'
'Spiritual dance'
'Moment in time'

7. What is Johnny's favourite Velvet Underground album?

'The Velvet Underground & Nico'
'White Light/White Heat'

8. In 1990, Electronic made their live debut at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Who were they supporting?

The Pet Shop Boys
Depeche Mode
Jesus and Mary Chain
The Cult

9. What is Johnny's favourite type of tea?

Ti Kuan Yin
Pai Mu Tan
Lung Ching
Wu Wei

10. In which European town did Johnny Marr + The Healers play their first gig?

Lancaster, UK
Coventry, UK
Castellón de la Plana, Spain
Leipzig, Germany