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Submit your fan tributes

Some of the creative things you might choose to send in include:

If you're unsure as to whether or not your submission is the sort of thing we're looking for, just ask us, and we'll let you know!


We want you to be as creative as possible, so not too many rules! Just please bear in mind that:
  1. Submissions must be your own original work, obviously.
  2. Submissions must also be overtly Johnny-themed. If in doubt, ask us.
  3. Images you send in can be as large as you like, but should be at least 500 pixels at their largest dimension. Larger images may need to be resized to fit in with the site's layout, but will be linked to a full-size version as well.
  4. When submitting videos, the higher the quality the better. Uploading to Youtube first is best, but if you don't have a Youtube account or time to publish it there, you can also upload it via sharing sites like Dropbox or Mediafire, or even attach it in an e-mail if it will fit. Submissions not already housed on Youtube will be uploaded to our own Youtube account, with all the appropriate credits.
  5. Along with your submission, you're welcome to include a short accompanying blurb. You can use this to, for example, explain the technique used in your art/craft work, the reason you chose to cover a particular song, or detail more specific inspiration behind your submission.

When you're ready to submit your tribute, you can either e-mail it to us as a link or attachment at:, send it in via our Facebook group, or if your image/video is already drifting about cyberspace, send us the link via the form below.

Submission form

Please refer to the guidelines above before submitting your photo or video. All fields in the submission form are optional except for the photo/video URL, but please ensure you include your name unless you wish for your submission to be posted anonymously. E-mail addresses will not be displayed on the site; they are optional and only used in case the admins need to contact you regarding your submission.



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