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Johnny-related radness elsewhere on the web.
        Johnny's official website.
+  Follow Johnny's official social media accounts:


  Johnny Marr on Stereoboutique
        Official web store selling Johnny's latest releases + tour merch, including 'Johnny Fuckin Marr' t-shirts, posters, badges, plectrums & more.

  Johnny Marr Plays Guitar
        Extensive, informative fan site documenting Johnny's musical endeavours, collaborations, tours, and more.

  Smiths On Guitar
        Very useful collection of Smiths guitar tabs, tutorials, info on Johnny's gear and other guitar-related goodies.

  Wythenshawe Syndrome
        Johnny Marr fan site in Japanese, and some sections in English as well. Features a JM Encyclopaedia, article transcripts, fan art, etc.

  Feel Every Beat
        Wonderful Electronic fan site cataloguing virtually every bit of available media relating to the band.

  The It Switch
        Fan-run Tumblr blog featuring a treasure trove of collected photos, GIFs, etc.

        Instagram account featuring an extensive collection of live photos, taken by a fan.